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Lucy Collins
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Hypnotherapy in Bristol & Online



Are you looking to feel fully yourself again, and to enjoy a life without the limitations and struggles you are currently facing?

Are you ready to commit to yourself and to make permanent positive shifts in your life?

Are you looking for a caring and sympathetic professional hypnotherapist?

I am a Hypnotherapist and psychotherapist, I work with adults and children with:




•Performance Anxiety


•Chronic Pain

Fears and Phobias,

Smoking Cessation

Weight Loss


•Disordered Eating

Sleep Issues and Insomnia

•Exam Stress



•Panic Attacks


•Motivation and more.

Hypnotherapy sessions help you to reduce stress levels, release emotions from underlying trauma, resolve anxious & depressive states, re-program emotional triggers, and collapse limiting beliefs.

Click here for more Information about Solution Focused Hypnotherapy

I can help you to navigate through difficult times or challenges in your life using a variety of tools, enabling you to create a future where you feel more in control of your life, free from the focus of problems, and limiting beliefs from your past.

I work in Bristol and online with clients all over the world, delievering 1-to-1 individualised hypnotherapy sessions. I offer a hollistic, no obligation Initial Consultation, to see if working together is right for us both, that gives you a clear idea and information about what hypnotherapy sessions entail.

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By accessing the conscious and the subconscious minds Hypnotherapy enables you to bring positive change to your life, by focusing your attention on what you want to be achieve, and how you want to live in the future, rather than getting stuck in a loop of patterns of present and past problems. 

During sessions together, we work to calm the mind and nervous system, exploring and understanding how the mind works and why you are experiencing things in this way.

The subconscious holds our life experiences and our memories, our thoughts, perceptions, feelings and behaviours act as a filter to our experiences, most of which are formed in our formative years.


How we behave and respond to situations and events throughout our life depends hugely on these beliefs and thoughts, often in ways that limit us and cause suffering.

Would you like to explore your subconscious programming and change your beliefs for the better?

Contact me today:

    Lucy Collins

    Hypnotherapist &




    Phone: +447716050534


    Practice Addresses:

    The Clifton Practice

    8-10 Whiteladies Road

    Bristol, BS8 1PD

    BS2 Therapy Rooms

    127 Wilder Street

    Bristol, BS28QU

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    My Therapy Room

    Contact me to book your Initial Consultation and to find out more!

    "You can't start the next chapter of your life if you keep rereading the old one".

    I am a member of:

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