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Hypnotherapy for Children


As children grow and develop, they experience the ups and downs in life and emotional transitions just as adults do, but of course they often don’t yet have the emotional understanding or the tools to help support themselves through the more difficult times.

Behaviour is a child’s way of communicating how things are in their world. It is important to recognise that as children develop, they naturally learn and grow through their interactions with the world and with others, so behaviour may not always signify a deeper problem. However, If a child’s behaviour becomes significantly more challenging and other problems start to present, this can sometimes signal that something else is going on.

"When little people are overwhelmed by big emotions, it's our job to share our calm, not our chaos".
L.R Knost

Problems for children, can often begin as a small event or experience in their lives which triggered anxiety or another emotional response in the individual. If similar events or experiences to these then reoccur, the association between the event and the response may strengthen and a pattern of behaviour may emerge. Hypnotherapy enables us to understand more about what is happening for a child when they are behaving in a certain way. We work together to identify possible causes of behaviour and finding tools to move forward and create better life experiences.

Lucy Collins

Hypnotherapist &





Phone: +447716050534


Practice Addresses:


The Clifton Practice

8-10 Whiteladies Road

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BS2 Therapy Rooms

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"I contacted Lucy when my 11 year old daughter was experiencing high anxiety, causing her to focus on worrying cleanliness/ germaphobic OCD traits.

Immediately my daughter felt at ease with Lucy, and throughout their sessions they worked on really practical thoughts and methods that my daughter could use to help her through her worries/ habits and what to do with them. We saw lots of improvements within weeks and definitely wouldn't be where we are now without Lucy's guidance and skills.

I definitely recommend Lucy without hesitation. Her experience and knowledge with helping young people was highly evident by the bond she built with by daughter and the individual care she showed her."

-Client review
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     SFHT can help children with...



-Bed Wetting



-Emotional dysregulation ('tantrums')

-Fears and phobias

-Head banging

-Nail biting

-Selective/picky eating

-Social anxiety

-Thumb sucking/dummy sucking

During childhood, we learn and pick up many thought patterns and patterns of behaviour which at the time helped us to manage whatever we were experiencing, but as we grow into adults, do not serve us and in fact can be a hinderance. Experiences from childhood can often lead to adults having negative core beliefs about themselves and behaviour which is reflective of this. It is important to support children in every way to learn about the world and themselves, and to let go of self-sabotaging opinions of themselves which may manifest in their behaviour.
How will childrens sessions work?

Sessions will involve listening and communicating with the individual child in an empathetic way and getting a glance into their world enabling us to work together to visualise solutions.

Focus will be placed on storytelling and creative visualisation to encourage children to feel safe and relax as much as possible.

"Imagination is the beginning of creation"
George Bernard Shaw
"My 11 year old son had hypnotherapy sessions with Lucy and she instantly put him at ease. They had sessions online and I was completely comfortable letting him get on with sessions knowing that he was in very safe hands. Lucy’s sessions really boosted his confidence and reduced his anxiety. He reported feeling amazing when he was playing football after, and has come in in leaps and bounds. He also got over his fear of heights as a result of general anxiety reduction. I really recommend Lucy!"

-Bryony, parent of client

Click here to go to the 'About me' page to find out more about the specialist work I have done with children over the years.

Contact me to find out more information about hypnotherapy sessions with children.

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