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Client Reviews

"Lucy's sessions have been so wonderful for me, I looked forward to every session and always came away feeling like I had learned something about myself and had made progress. Highly recommend if you feel 'stuck' in any way, the change I can feel in myself after 12 weeks is so much and I feel much more ready and able to make positive change in my life and be more present in my every day. I felt like Lucy was so warm, patient and knowledgeable and always on my team which is exactly what I needed. Thanks Lucy!"


"Lucy, is an extremely approachable, engaging and understating Hypnotherapist. Her sessions leave me feeling lighter and more informed about my mind and ways to cope with the challenges of anxiety, stress and trauma related issues. I always look forward to our sessions they are a highlight of my week."


"I have had a severe fear of heights for as long as I can remember, at times it would cause panic attacks. As preparation for a planned ascent of an active volcano with friends, I contacted Lucy Collins to arrange a series of sessions to see if I could be helped. I also had a concern about hypnotherapy itself. Bottom line - the sessions were extremely helpful, my concerns were unfounded and I summited the volcano at the same time as the rest of the group with no worries at all. Thank you Lucy Collins!"


(A picture of Mark's view from the top of Cape Verde, 2829m).


"I started seeing Lucy when I was in a really tricky period with my mental health and I am so glad that I did. She has helped me reshape my brain into a more positive place, and my outlook really has shifted in a way that feels sustainable. I can feel a tangible difference in how I experience the world day to day now compared to when we started having sessions.

She creates such a warm and non-judgment environment, and her process feels incredibly personalised and tailored to my needs. I cannot recommend her enough!"


"Lucy has a wonderful way of balancing her professional skills with a sensitive humour and kindness that makes you feel at ease in the sessions. her understanding and ability to comunicate the processes that are happening in the brain brings your experiences into a less abstract space where things feel more manageable.

The trance part of the session always felt safe and calming means you leave feeling grounded. Lucy also provides material for you to listen to in your own time which means you can familirise yourself with her voice at home.

Would definitley recommend Lucy to anyone who is in need of help navigating their mental health and behavioural patterns."


"Lucy is not only extremely kind and empathic, but also very knowledgeable and skilled at connecting the experiences and emotions you describe to the neurological processes going on.

The trances were always very relaxing and positive experiences that I looked forward to.

I came away from my course of sessions with a greater understanding of myself, awareness of when my primitive mind was getting in the way, and feeling motivated and equipped to practice positivity and confidence going forward."


"I am grateful to have experienced Lucy’s hypnotherapy that symbolises passion and empathy. Her healing energy created a calming non-judgemental atmosphere and supported me to work on my personal growth and discovery into a new alternative therapy. Her deep understanding and knowledge was evident and it is clear that her personalised and unique approach is tailored to the individuals that she works with and that she takes the time to truly understand her clients in order to provide the best service and support. The valuable learnings and techniques I still try to incorporate in my daily life. Highly recommended."


"Lucy is a fantastic, experienced hypnotherapist.
It was my first journey with hypnotherapy, and I did not know what to expect. Lucy offered a safe and warm environment to allow me to open up to her which helped .
Would really recommend Lucy to anyone who is looking to find clarity in life with anything."





Phone: +447716050534


Practice Addresses:


The Clifton Practice

8-10 Whiteladies Road

Bristol, BS8 1PD


BS2 Therapy Rooms

127 Wilder Street

Bristol, BS28QU

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Lucy Collins

Hypnotherapist and


"My 11 year old son had hypnotherapy sessions with Lucy and she instantly put him at ease. They had sessions online and I was completely comfortable letting him get on with sessions knowing that he was in very safe hands. Lucy’s sessions really boosted his confidence and reduced his anxiety. He reported feeling amazing when he was playing football after, and has come in in leaps and bounds. He also got over his fear of heights as a result of general anxiety reduction. I really recommend Lucy!"


I absolutely LOVED my hypnotherapy sessions with Lucy!! I found the weekly hour 1 on 1 session a beautifully relaxing space where I felt empowered in who I am and very able to open up about what I am struggling with in life. Lucy actively and compassionately listens and we worked together to create some real life changing magic!

Between sessions, I could see myself and my thought patterns changing to choosing healthier life choices and being more disciplined and loving towards my self. So many new and exciting ways of being, pushing myself out of my comfort zone and into lots of fun has been directly a result of working with Lucy and doing hypnotherapy.

I am totally honoured to have done this for myself and I recommend to everyone who wants to actively make changes in their life, big or small :) Thankyou Lucy!!"


"I had hypnotherapy from Lucy to help me with my sports performance for football.

Lucy was really kind and I like talking to her.

My sessions with Lucy were really good and they helped a lot, they made me feel much more confident, not just with football but with everything.

I stopped being afraid of heights too!"

-Cole, aged 12,

"I worked with Lucy during one of, if not the most challenging times in my life. Our sessions provided me with an island of calm and helped build up inner strength and guidance I needed to move forwards.


I personally found Lucy's method very gentle, yet potent, and would highly recommend working with Lucy as part of your personal evolution."



"I would definitely recommend Lucy, she is lovely and really helped me to noticeably gain confidence in my day to day life and deal with a phobia that I've had for 10+ years. I learnt a lot from her and thoroughly enjoyed the sessions."


"Lucy has been doing hypnotherapy sessions with my 11 year old who had anxiety around school. She explained a lot about how the brain works which has helped my daughter understand herself better and given strategies to cope with different situations as well as relaxation techniques. It has been transformative and I am so grateful for her support."


"I contacted Lucy when my 11 year old daughter was experiencing high anxiety, causing her to focus on worrying cleanliness/ germaphobic OCD traits.

As a parent I was all out of ideas, articles to read and conversations of how to help her move forward, which is when I contacted Lucy. Immediately my daughter felt at ease with Lucy, and throughout their sessions they worked on really practical thoughts and methods that my daughter could use to help her through her worries/ habits and what to do with them. The mix of talk and trance sessions worked really well, with the relaxations also provided for my daughter (and me!) to do at home. We saw lots of improvements within weeks and definitely wouldn't be where we are now without Lucy's guidance and skills.

I definitely recommend Lucy without hesitation. Her experience and knowledge with helping young people was highly evident by the bond she built with by daughter and the individual care she showed her."


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