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What the New Year Brings to you, will depend a great deal on what you bring to it.

With another year coming to an end, a multitude of feelings can arise in us; from pride, to feeling overwhelmed; from excitement to an impending sense of doom…

How does heading into the New Year feel to you? Could setting some New Years’ Resolutions really benefit you?

It must be said that recording goals and intentions in writing does often result in the likelihood that they will be worked towards and fulfilled. With the New Year being the start of a new chapter collectively, perhaps you may feel more motivated to set intentions than at other points in the year, particularly as many people do.

How do we set intentions without being lured into the narrative that we may have failed should we not ‘fulfil’ our goals?

Having a realistic and flexible outlook on goal setting may be the focus you need in order to remain motivated and working towards your goals and aspirations. As life is everchanging, it may help to have this reflected in the way you see your goals, setting goals in smaller stages and making little tweaks and changes along the way. This way you avoid one small perceived ‘failing’ putting you off and totally giving up on your goals all together.

How can you identify useful resolutions for yourself?

Take some time to reflect on the year just gone; perhaps this time last year you were dreaming of where you are right now, maybe you’d like to acknowledge this if so, and choose goals which support you in continuing to do what has helped you to get where you are now. Or perhaps this year has held insurmountable challenges, if this is the case, what have you learnt from your years’ experience and how could you integrate your learnings and support yourself differently, bringing more of a growth mindset for the next year.

Resolutions really can catalyse change, and focusing on intention to change can activate new ways of thinking which overtime through repetition can change behavioural patterns. We know that our brains are neuroplastic, meaning they have the ability to adapt, change, and modify both in structure and in function throughout lide, and ultimately in response to experiences.

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